How to Connect Powered Speakers to a Receiver

How to Connect Powered Speakers to a Receiver

When creating an audio system, it is very important to understand the basic principles of switching different types of equipment, this makes it easier and faster to achieve high-quality sound and extend the life of the equipment.How to Connect Powered Speakers to a Receiver2

Powered Speakers

The main difference between active and passive speakers is the presence of an amplifier built into its body. This means that the input power of the sound signal to the active speaker system is significantly less than the passive one. Therefore, this acoustics uses its own cables and connectors, designed for less current and voltage.


The connector that comes in handy is the RCA connector. This type of connection transmits an unbalanced signal with a linear level.

The next thing you need is to make sure that the receiver has a section labeled Line Out. You can find it already in the budget segment, starting with devices such as the best audio receiver under $300.

It is necessary to connect the amplifier part of the active system with Line out on the receiver using an RCA cable.How to Connect Powered Speakers to a Receiver3

Connect the cable from the left active speaker to the “L” socket on the back of the mixer and the right cable to the “R” socket. Note that some mixers are equipped with a monitoring system, so you can see “L / Monitor” for one take and “R / L + R” for the other. In this case, there is a switch on the mixer that allows you to select the use of the monitor and the speakers or only the speakers. If you are using a monitor, plug a speaker cable into the “L + R” jack.

Or if the amplifier of active sound system situated in subwoofer, you should connect into the Pre-out on your receiver.

As you can see, the connection process is not at all complicated and everyone can handle it.