Producing A Song Without Studio Equipment

Producing A Song Without Studio Equipment

The only two things we have with us that could help us to produce a song are laptops and cell phones. So, this got us thinking how could we possibly produce a song limiting our self to just using the laptop and cell phones?

I know that recording gear is expensive, you could get a cheap yet good microphone like the Audio-Technical AT2020 which would make you sound great, but not everyone has the budget.

Also, even a digital audio work station could cost you something like $600 or more and I doubt you are going to want to spend that amount.

But there are some free DAW’s out there and almost everyone has a Smartphone. So, we can be able to find a way to record and mix a song using just a free DAW and our cell phone with free apps.

We can produce a song without studio equipment with the help of a cell phone and a laptop.

Electronic music production equipment is known as the digital audio work station. If we want to create music we must need electronic music production equipment.Producing A Song Without Studio Equipment2

This is more expensive, but here we had some free digital audio work station. Such as

  • Audacity
  • Garage band
  • Pro Tools First
  • Cakewalk
  • USB microphone

Here we see the great tricks to create music without production equipment. Now we are using our Smartphone’s microphone via USB.

This is a bit trickier and it involves download any App with enabled microphones to your phone and then configuring it in such a way that it will allow you to use it to record directly on to your PC.

After you installed the app on your phone you need to go to your phone Settings and then to developer options. Make sure to turn on the developer option and next tap on USB debugging and click ok.

Now go to the installed app, click USB transport in settings. Most Smartphone’s come with a pair of headphones which also have an integrated microphone.Producing A Song Without Studio Equipment3

This one could be used to record; the sound quality however, is not anything to brag about. All you need to do is to plug it into the microphone hack on your PC and you should be set.

This sounds simple but depending on your PC. Now you are ready to record the music with your Smartphone.


We can easily create music without the production equipments. We just need a Smartphone and PC to make better music.