California’s food

The Most Popular Food In California

California is a wonderful place and also the best tourist destination in the American country.

California is famous for its wide variety of foods and it is considered as the home town for many new dishes such as Popsicles, Chili fries, Fortune cookies, hot fudge Sundae, Cobb Salad, Cheeseburgers and Double Decker Hamburger which are invented in California and migrated to many other countries.

The recipes and the cooking styles are so unique and different in California.

Food in California

California’s food is mostly copies of Spanish and Mexican foods. And there are a lot of high-quality cuisine restaurants are available which provides a variety of Chinese foods.

Spicy seafood items, Japanese food, traditional Asian food, a combination of all noodles and many newer items people about to taste in California.

There are many wonderful and tasty dishes are available in most of the restaurants. California State is also nicknamed as a golden state due to its heritage and culture.

The most famous dishes in the golden gate are mentioned as below:

  • dungeness crabCobb Salad
  • Sourdough bread
  • California pizza
  • French dip
  • Coppinz
  • Mission burrito
  • Fortune cookie
  • California roll
  • Rocky road ice cream
  • Dungeness crab
  • Ranch dressing

These are the most traditional dishes in California as well. Fresh herbs, avocados, tofu and citrus are the important ingredients of any foods in California cuisine.

Locally grown food items that are most fresh and rich in aroma place a major role in all the restaurants around there. And it is noted that California traditional food is California roll.

The roll actually has the ingredients such as crab which is the main ingredient, cucumber, and avocado covered in nori with rice of California.

Many food lovers just like to have this California roll which is so tasty and yummy.